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DIN Tools is your partner in the automation of your welding processes.



Selected welding processes can be performed not only more accurately, but also faster by means of robotisation!

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Automated laser cleaning

We are solution provider for automated laser cleaning solutions

Laser cleaning


Consumables – handling equipment – plasma welding equipment


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Robot drill installation retrofit- before & after

A before and after picture says more than a thousand words. We were recently asked by Vanerum to give their Robot Drill Installation a full retrofit.

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Automatic laser cleaning of battery cells @ELEO

Purpose: Automatic laser cleaning of Lithium battery cells, PCB & busbar
Proces: In-line laser cleaning with manual trolley of conveyers, automatic barcode scanning and special adapted software to have maximum safety.
Segment: Energy, Automotive, Heavy machinery, Maritime
Options: Conveyor, robot, YXZ servo system, fume extraction

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