Laser cleaning

We are solution provider for automated laser cleaning solutions. We provide both standard and fully customized solutions.

Standard solutions

p laser 1 1


  • Product feed manual or in-line
  • Operated manual or in-production
  • Laser lightproof certificated EN 60825-1
  • Easy transportation & setup
  • Dust extraction connection
p laser 2 1


  • Extension for trolley laser cleaning range
  • Product table or manipulator
  • Pre-programmed production
  • Use in protected room
  • Easy transportation & setup

Custom solutions

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  • Large and/or heavy products
  • Pre-programmed production – position validation
  • Serial production 24/24 h
  • Use in protected room
  • Fixed production setup
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Turnkey solutions

Custom build solutions for your project demands.


Powered by P-laser

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Today, the rapid evolving industries demand for automated solutions is high and marked by rapidly advancing technologies, complex systems, and intricate processes. It demands joined forces of specialists who can navigate and control these complexities with the goal to deliver efficient solutions that meet the industry’s demanding requirements.

Some of the key drivers for process automation :

  • Production cost & capacity
  • Labour cost – availability – reliability
  • Competitive position
  • Product quality
  • Safety & environment
  • Operator ergonomics
  • Process goals (speed – temperature – surface – …)

By joining forces, P-LASER and DIN Tools can combine their specialized knowledge and skills, providing customers with innovative, customer-focused solutions that exceed expectations.

At the heart of this partnership lies shared visions, customer-centric approach with commitment to long-term relationships, a proven leading reputation in technology, expertise, quality and profound solutions. The synergy of these joined forces will lead to new state-of-the-art solutions what will inspire the industry challenges and propel further developments forward.

Our mutual trust, ethics and dedication to eachothers capabilities will be the base to work seamlessly on a strong and succesfull future!

P-LASER                                DIN Tools

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